IVR not waiting for 3 digits extension - goes right through the IVR selector

I have the IVR all set with options 1 - 8. The extensions are all 2xx (3 digits) . All seems fine to me.
I cant seem to get the delay right to reproduce this, but the complaint I hear is that “every” time someone direct dials an extension - choice #2 of the IVR is selected instead.
Its obviously grabbing the first digit and running with it. I recall there is a “wait for more key presses” kind of setting somewhere, is that what I am looking for and where is it?

Is direct dial enabled for the ivr?

I’m not saying you’re doing it wrong, but the “direct dial” option should be set and Best Practice when you do this is to NOT use the first digit of your extensions as one of your IVR choices.

As far as “wait for more digits”, I’m not aware of a setting for that in the IVR setup. it’s arcane magic at that level, though, so if it’s not in the advanced settings on IVR, it might be in the main screen’s Advanced Settings tab.

Sorry for delay in responding - I don’t get the email notifications very often from here. I gotta look into that.

Yes Direct Dial is enabled - and when you have 8 options its tough to avoid using the first digit in your ivr. I thought there was some option that would wait x seconds and if no other key is pressed then go to the destination specified by the digit. This way the second digit pressed immediately would trigger the beginning of an extension destination.

Is it best practice to add to the ivr where say if you know you parties extension press x? How else do you handle this situation?

If Direct dial is enabled, then FreePBX will wait 5 seconds for you to complete your selection. Make sure your DTMF detection is working.

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