IVR "Not Valid Response" on Virtual Extensions

FreePBX 14 fully updated.
Asterisk 16

I have an situation that I am sure worked at one time. I have and IVR set up for employee Call In that has two layers, an English and Spanish and a set of Virtual extensions email the voicemail to each department head. All the IVR functions work as designed.

I found this issue with all my IVR’s. With “Enable Direct Dial” enabled and “Force Strict Dial Timeout” set to yes that it works for all normal SIP extensions but does not work for Virtual extensions. “We have not received a valid response” message is played instead.

I don’t think virtual extensions get included in the default Enabled option for Enable Direct Dial. That said, there is a workaround that should get you there. I go over it in this solution I recently provided someone else regarding IVRs and direct dialing. The key here is that Enabled only includes real extensions. If you want to include virtual, Ring Groups, Queues, etc, you need to use a Directory in tandem with Enable Direct Dial:

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If this is reproducible on 15 I would open a bug ticket.

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So, Virtual Extensions are supposed to be included in the default Enable? If so, I think this has been at least half broken for a long while. I always thought it was that way by design.

As a matter of habit, we just use the Directory function by “default” because it’s rare that we would really want EVERY extension to have direct dial…the CEO rarely wants to field calls from regular customers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not sure how it has worked historically, but without putting much thought into it, I feel like excluding them in this situation is contrary to expectations.

I totally agree with that sentiment.

I totally agree too. I could not believe it when I was told this setup did not work, Had to test myself. I am in process of moving this to a VM running 15. Should it work this way I will open a bug ticket.


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