IVR not transferring to desired extension


I have an IVR set up to transfer callers to desired locations. However, the IVR isn’t transferring any calls that come in looking to connect to a conference extension I have set up.

The conference extension is set to entry ‘1201’, however when a caller pressed ‘1201’, the call gets transferred to a ring group that is the destination for entry ‘1’. The IVR doesn’t consider the additional three numbers the caller dials, it just takes the first number and runs with it.

Is there an option that I’m overlooking?

Thank you

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Are you setting it up so that it can direct dial from IVR? I dont think you can direct dial conferences, probably easier if you create a virtual extension and follow me that extension to the conference.

Direct dial is enabled, yes. I have been able to direct dial into conferences in the past so I know it works. Also, the IVR itself gives an option for dialing into conferences, the feature works, it’s just giving me issues currently.

Some additional information:

  • the conference is a supposed to be a bridge line.
  • when direct dialing the number (1201), after getting to the 0 in the number, I get the voice error “We have not received a valid response, please try again.”
  • After hearing that error, pressing ‘1201’ again finally dials the conference and I’m prompted for the conference PIN number as usual.

On initial call, when system plays the intro announcement to the caller, the first digit dialed isn’t taken into account. The first digit dialed is to skip the announcement then each digit afterwards are compared to the entry list.

Fix in place:

added additional entry ‘201’ that points to the Dev conference
added additional entry ‘111’ that points to the IT Critical ring group
added additional entry ‘112’ that points to the Dev Critical ring group

These additional entries are to counter the intro bug that doesn’t take the first digit into account.

  • Caller connects
  • Intro is played
  • Caller presses 1 2 0 1

‘1’ skips the intro
’201’ connects to Dev conference

In addition, ‘1201’ is still a separate entry for any reason that the above doesn’t work. Same applies for ‘IT Critical’ and ‘Dev Critical’