IVR not transfering (Not picking extensions)

Hi, i have a problem with the IVR, is not recognizing the DFMT, i can see the Tones in the call debug, however it never dials the extentions, but gets you a sound message, “you are having problems.”, i’ve seen a lot of problems like this on the forum, and most of them are fixed by making a dialplan, i am somewhat new to PBX so i’m not sure if i am doing it wrong, so i came here to ask for help, hopefully someone can help me.

Or if someone can point me to a tutorial step by step on how to complete this IVR,
it should go s --> answer --> play sound IVR–> Dial extension or Secretary (if nothing dialed)
looks easy, but is not. Thanks in advance

PBX Distro
Asterisk 11
PBX Firmware:6.12.65-32
using a SANGOMA card