IVR Not Saving Options

Hello Everyone,
Either I am not searching the right Key Words or this is a new issue. It’s too obvious to be a real issue so I think it’s something I am not catching.

When creating an IVR menu the Options do not save.

•Create IVR
•Assign options with or without decreasing or increasing the options.
•Re-open the IVR and the changes did not save to only the Options.
I can also decrease the options and when I re-open the IVR they are right back to 3 options instead of the 2 that I decreased it to.

I just created this PBX using the 12/24 build of PIAF and FreePBX running Asterisk 1.8.
Has anyone seen this? It sounds like a permissions thing and I have already done an AMPORTAL RESTART to make sure file permissions are set…
Thanks for any suggestions.

There are three boxes in the options.
The first one is the number for the command (0-9, *, #, t, i)
I have found out that if you leave the first field empty then it will fail saving and will revert to default (which is, empty list).

Are you positive you did input a value there?

I am so embarrassed!
I can’t tell you how many of these systems I have put together and never had this problem. I just totally missed this detail and then got tunnel vision and off in to the weeds. A nice “Idiot” feature would be to have the Options either be pre-numbered as a ‘default’ or have the fields be mandatory when saving. But at any rate, I am grateful for the slap in the right direction. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!

i have freePBX 2.9 and when creating an IVR menu the Options do not save. i don´t leave the any field empty, I set up the 3 default field but doesn´t save.

any ideas?