IVR not responding to short tones

I have a rotary phone that I’ve converted to tones using the Rotatone device. Works great, but asterisk won’t recognize it’s tones to operate extensions and the IVR fron an outside line. Seems the tones are too short.

I can plug in a normal tone phone and it works, but if I press the buttons to make tones approx. the length of what the rotatone generates, it does not work.

Is there a way to make Asterisk more sensitive to shorter tones. There has to be a variable I can reset. I assume I just don’t understand the termonolgoy. Can someone help?

I’m on Freepbx 2.8 on a centos box. The basic PBX in a Flash install.

Seems it was a conflict with a PAP2t. SOmething to do with DTMF Tx Mode: being set to strict not normal. All fixed now. Sorry for the bother. Nothing to see here folks. Move along … :slight_smile: