IVR not responding accordingly

Guys, I have a strange issue and I can’t find a solution. I am trying to set up an IVR that gets called from the inbound route. That IVR has an option to dial 1 to hear the message in Spanish, 2 for sales and so on… Prompt 1 it’s made up of a second IVR in Spanish. When user clicks on 1 to hear message in Spanish, it continues to its destination, but none of the prompts in the Spanish IVR would redirect the call, but rather send it back to the original inbound IVR. Is there a trick to making this work?.. Thanks in advance.

Is return to IVR turned on the IVR or announcement?

Can you provide a log to narrow things down?

I haven’t looked at it yet, but thank you.

@comtech, That fixed it. They were all set to return. TY

Great, don’t forget to mark your question as resolved, if it is.

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