IVR Not Recognizing Extensions

I have a box running FreePBX & Asterisk – I know these are dated and will be updated tonight, but it was running stable until a few weeks ago.

The only thing that has changed in the network is a new ISP.

What’s happening is that intermittently when callers call into the IVR and try to dial an extension directly, the system returns an invalid extension error. Up until today, I could not reproduce the issue. What I found is that when the extension is dialed quickly, Asterisk misses one of the digits. If I dial the extension a little slower as I normally would, I get through to the extension first try every time.

I’ll update after my upgrade, but if this doesn’t work, I’ll need some advice on where to look next.

As always, thanks in advance.

What is your extension range? Make sure you aren’t tripping over any feature codes… that has bit me in the past.

Otherwise, sounds like a DTMF problem… what mode are you using?

All extensions are in the range 100-170 & DTMF is set to rfc2833

I’ve upgraded Asterisk to and FreePBX to Further testing indicated that the issue was not resolved by the upgrades.

I’m now at a loss as to the root cause. The change to the new ISP could not be causing this issue, could it?

I would get into the asterisk console and actually watch what is being passed when you get an “invalid extension”. That way you can verify if asterisk is actually missing digits or if something else is happening.

I’ve always used inband DTMF on my trunks without issue.

Before the upgrade, I could see where 2 of the 3 digits were being recognized. After the upgrade, I’m not seeing any digits come across the CLI whether the system recognizes the callers’ input or not.

When you say ISP do you mean your internet or also your SIP carrier was changed?

Just the Internet Service Provider. The SIP provider is the same we’ve had for a number of years.