IVR not playing new recordings made in FreePBX

I made a recording and placed it in an IVR that is already being used. The IVR will allow the playing of any other recording I already have in the system that I did not create using the system.

The recording I made using a Digium D50 phone connected to the system via the local network will not play. My one assumption is that the system already knows how to make a recording that it can use.(let me know if that assumption is incorrect)

I can download that recording to my pc and play it using AVS audio editor, but not windows media player.

I can save this recording from AVS following the system recording instructions,

“Alternatively, upload a recording in any supported asterisk format. Note that if you’re using .wav, (eg, recorded with Microsoft Recorder) the file must be PCM Encoded, 16 Bits, at 8000Hz”

, as I have done with other recordings.

This allows Windows Media Player to play them, but still won’t work with the phone system.

What would keep a recording made within FreePBX’s own system from being playable by FreePBX?

PBX Firmware: 6.12.65-10
PBX Service Pack: