IVR not playing announcement


I have setup a new freepbx system and am learning the config. it seems very nice so far.

I have one issue with the IVR. It is picking up the call, but it’s not playing the announcement I have configured. I have already uploaded the .mp3 file and I can hear it in the browser. However the IVR is working like it does not exist - it’s silent for 10 seconds until time out then it says invalid entry, etc…

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

thank you

Did you use the correct audio format? Try recording an announcement on directly and see if that works, more than likely it will. Asterisk recordings must be in a specific audio format to work. Check the wiki for full details, or google “asterisk audio”.

thanks that must be it. the test recording thru the phone worked.

do you know the path to the audio files? I would like to delete them from the disk.

thanks much

Off the top of my head try: