IVR Not dialing Trunk

Each of these steps is distinct and atomic. The announcement is just an announcement, it happens before the action to collect the numbers, but after the realization that you are calling a cell phone.

Think ‘steps’ not ‘journey’. Each step is simple and easy to arrange - the entire journey in one action is unattainable.

So take out the call then bring it back in to do what i’m trying to achieve?

I’m a little confused now:(

One possible flow:

Call gets dialed.

Outbound custom context get called.

  • Check for ‘07.’
  • If matched, play the announcement

Resume the call and let it dial out. The outbound route will spot the ‘07’ on the front and require the PIN.

Seems pretty simple.


Worked perfectly thanks all involved

This seems strange. Rates to UK mobiles are well under 1p/min. with many good trunking providers. If your rates are much higher than that, for example take a look at https://www.voxbeam.com/ (UK based) and http://www.anveodirect.com/ (US based). Both provide a small credit at signup, so you can test quality without making a payment or providing any financial information.

We discourage users from making calls with their personal phones. We want a company caller ID sent with all calls, logs in one place, and the ability to record, transfer, conference, etc.

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