IVR -No selection made hits GOODBYE message - Pulse dialing phones

I have set up an IVR, if I get an international call where people still use phones with pulse dialing, following is the behavior.


I want the system to go to Operator or Extension 1 when there is no selection made. Please assist.

Make sure you assign a t, or timeout selection.

Pressing the help selection in each module brings up context sensitive help. The timeout and invalid options are fully explained.

Both options loops back to the beginning of the IVR, I made a timeout announcement as well. All options loops back to IVR, if

IF NO SELECTION - plays t or i recording = loops backs to IVR,

With No selection still hits GOODBYE and hangs up.

I figured out…thanks

Hey I am having the exact same issue. When no option is selected it just says “Goodbye” and hangs up. We need it to transfer to the receptionist at ext 101.

How did you fix it?

Define t and i in your options to a destination.

Somehow, my # is is not working. Not sure how to fix that.

Hi all,

To solve this problem is easy.

In the GUI FreePBX … IVR options put t on key press and select extension will like to transfer if no key pressed.


100 Extensions <100 Test > Return to IVR
t Extensions <101 Recepcionist> Return to IVR

Best regards,
Pedro Pinesi.