IVR -> MISC Destination / Preserve Original Caller ID

FreePBX 13.18
PBX Firmware 10.13.66-22

We have an after-hours paging service. When our night time IVR kicks on, they press a menu option which is set to a MISC DESTINATION of the phone number of our paging service.

All of that works great, the only issue is that the caller-id presented to the paging service is the outbound DID’s number for our office which is set at the trunk level, and not the calling parties phone number.

I wish for only these calls to pass the original caller-id to the paging service; which then the on call tech getting paged will have instead of relying on the caller to leave their callback number in the recording on the paging service.

Our SIP Trunk provider DOES allow us to control/pass whatever CID we want and we do this now. I just can’t figure out how to do this from a call that only comes through the IVR -> MISC DESTINATION.

Looking for a bit of guidance on how to achieve this.

Use a ring groups instead and set the external number with a # at the end as the only number listed in the ring group. Inside the ring group you can set caller ID and by default it will pass the original caller ID.

Blamo! You are the man. That worked great.


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