IVR lost timeout destination during upgrade & aastra-xml issue

I upgraded my server last night from to Inbound call were failing and I tracked the issue down to two of my IVRs. The upgrade stripped the timeout destination from them.

I use the IVR because I want the users to be able to dial an extension while a message is playing. I set the time out on the IVR to 0 so there will not be a delay and set the time out destination to where the IVR needs to go if they don’t dial an extension. Replacing the timeout destination fixed the problem but I was just wondering if this is a bug or did this happen because of a design change?

I also experience a small bug with the aastra-xml scripts. It overrode the asterisk.conf and lost my phone to template mappings. I was able to pull the file from my SAN snapshot and copy the file back. It also deleted the astra-xml user from managers.conf but I added it back using the web interface and that fixed the issue there as well.

On the aastra-xml thing. Updates to the RPM will always override all settings including the sample_user.prf. It is how their scripts are designed on upgrade. Yes it sucks and I agree.