IVR just replays announcement on user choice


My IVR is acting oddly. When I dial in, I’m presented with my options announcement, but when I dial a choice the options announcement just replays a second time. If I dial my choice a second time, it finally goes to my choice.

What’s going on and how can I get it to connect my choice on the first dial?

My call routes are like this: Inbound Route / -> Announcements: Main Menu Intro -> IVR Main Menu

Announcements Main Menu Intro:
Recording: mainmenu-intro
Repeat: Disabled
Allow Skip: Enabled
Return to IVR: Disabled
Don’t Answer Channel: Disabled
Destination: IVR Main Menu

IVR Main Menu:
Announcement: mainmenu-options
Direct Dial: Extensions
Timeout: 60 //is it in seconds? that’s not listed anywhere in the page
Invalid Retries: 5
Inv. Retry Rec.: None
Append Orig. Ann.: Disabled
Inv. Rec.: None
Inv. Dest.: None
Timeout Retries: Disabled
Return to IVR after VM: Disabled
List of IVR Entries

I have ‘Direct Dial’ set to ‘Extensions’, but when trying to dial an extension from the Main Menu, pressing the first number causes the options announcement to reply a second time, then each additional digit just bugs the whole things and I get a voice that just says ‘Comedian(?) Mail … Mailbox’ then silence.

I have no idea what that is or why that happens. There are no options in my IVR to enable/disable anything like that.

Any initial number press just causes the options announcement to repeat a second time before finally accepting user input. I believe this has something to do with allowing skipping of announcements. I’m not going to disable that though, because it takes too long to get through the announcements when the user already knows what option they want to pick.

There is a bug in the announcements skip option that causes the system to think that any first button press is to skip the Announcements Main Menu Intro announcement and to then play the IVR announcement, even if the IVR announcement has already or is currently playing. That’s why any first button press doesn’t work, that’s why any second button press does.

I need a fix for this please.

Thank you.