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Hi Guys,

I want to setup Insights for my IVRs like how many call to the IVR, how many persons choose which options and how many zero outs etc.

complete insight reporting for IVRs.

What is your question? CDRs will tell you what you would like to know. You will need to refine it into a report you can use.

You could also explore using third parties, such as:

We have not used this company, FYI.

cdr-stats is not free and not giving proper insights on Phone Numbers like if someone dial’s in one of the phone number I want detail of his actions that which dtmf he pressed and where he goes etc.

I think CEL is going to be a better data source for this, unless you want to dredge through the /full log. Either way, I don’t think anyone has a package like what you are looking for ready to use with a modern Asterisk. Sounds like a wide-open market niche ripe for exploitation…

CEL is not giving proper report. I have to build an insight report on regular basis.

Any solution.

It sounds like you are going to need to make something yourself, using the log or CDR data.

how can I capture the live call data e.g if call initiates and I get run time data and when channel hangsup it stop capturing.


I want to develop a php reporting page in which get live calls insights like how many active calls, inbound outbound and lot more features etc

how do I get that data on the code.

One way is to use the AMI , just open a connection to TCP port 5038 and read


et al.

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