IVR Help requested

I have freePBX on Trixbox 2.4. All modules are added, but when I choose IVR, there is nor “recordings” option. What am I missing?


If I understand you correctly, you need to go to the “System Recordings” under Setup|Internal Options and Configuration, create your recording(s) then you can add it to your IVR under Announcements.

I created a recording, but the option for recording (or announcement) does not appear in the IVR section. The only options shown are: Ring Groups, Phone Book, IVR, Terminate Call, Extensions, and Voicemail. No custom app, announcement, or recordings.


Could you give an example of what you want to accomplish? For example, “A call comes in, and you want them to hear yada yada”. I am thinking that you may want to have multiple senarios.

Tom C

Thanks, Tom. I wasn’t configuring the IVR properly. Even though the recordings section was not present, I was not putting the recorded greeting in the Announcement field. I had done this about a year ago, but was not thinking it through properly on this one.

Thanks, for the help.