IVR Hangs when selecting an option

Hey All,


I set up with a SIP provider to get 1 incoming line with up to 2 connections at a time. This is an inbound only trunk. I have set up the trunk as instructed by the provider.

User context. sip.ipcomms.net

User Details:


no register string needed.

I have also set up an inbound route for any DID/any CID to go to my main IVR. Allow anonymous SIP callers is allowed.

Initially, I noticed the calls connected but, I couldn’t get the IVR message to play. I fixed that by recording the messages through my extension instead.

Now, I can dial the # given by my provider from any number, cell phone or land line and the IVR message plays. However, when I select the option I want, it does nothing.

The dtmfmode is set to the correct value, so, not sure what is going on.

Calling from the 7777 number works OK though. So, I know it has something to do with the inbound trunk…but, that is the extent of my knowledge.

There is a ZAP trunk set up and I have no idea what that is. I don’t remember creating it, unless I did so in error. I didn’t want to mess with it until I posted something, in case it is important.

I am using the latest version of trixbox CE and am doing everything via SIP/ internet based connections. I do not have any phone hardware involved.

I am using a dynamic IP with a no-ip redirect. All appropriate ports are forwarded and the rest of the settings seem to be OK.

Any ideas?

Also, if someone could make a suggestion for a good, free, multi-platform sip softphone I would also appreciate it. X-lite freezes my computer horribly…

Thank you again for everyone’s help. I have gotten a lot of help here over the past couple of days while getting my PBX set up. I have also done searching on my own and found a lot of useful information.

UPDATE 7/1/09:

I put in a support ticket with ipcomms.net yesterday but, being that this is a free account, I am probably at the bottom of their list.

In the meantime I tried modifying the DTMF Mode in the User Details for the trunk. I tried dtmfmode=inband and dtmfmode=auto both with the same results. You hear the IVR message, select an option after it plays and then nothing happens. Trying to select an option while the IVR message is playing also does nothing.

7777 test call is OK.

I will keep everyone posted. If you have any additional ideas please let me know. I am also looking for a good, lightweight sip softphone that works for Linux and Windows systems. My experience with x-lite hasn’t been that good thus far.

Thanks again all!

OH, I found a really helpful link on trixbox’s website for Common DTMF issues with both inbound and outbound trunks. If anyone else is having a problem you may want to check it out:

Ipcomms called me today and we spent about an hour troubleshooting. All the settings checked out OK. However, what seems to be happening is that the box is retuning the address when options are selected. Basically, it isn’t hearing anything on the outside, except that a call is coming in.

The listening IP in the System Information is my local ip and the Ipcomms guy said that despite the router and everything, it should be coming up as the public IP or the domain, but, it isn’t.

They are going to call me back tomorrow after doing some further investigation. Anyone have any additional ideas on this? I really would appreciate whatever help you can give at this point.

Is there any way to change the listening Ip to the WAN ip?

You need to setup your NAT configuration in sip_general_custom.conf

You can use a dynamic IP service but test manually for now


Just set the externip to whatever your current outside id is (check at ipchicken.com) then issue an ‘amportal restart’

Sit back and enjoy the audio and DTMF.


I had it set in sip_nat.conf…would that make a difference? When I entered the external Ip it worked! Now, how do I get it to work with the domain? Externdomain = didn’t seem to work…


The ipcomms guy couldn’t figure this out either…