IVR hanging up calls after Adviser does not answer

Hello, I have my IVR set up to route calls to a call queue, if my softphone is logged in, my extension will ring but will then not go to voicemail, if I am not logged in, the queue will route the call to voicemail. Voicemail and the box are set in the failover settings of the queue.

No errors are being produced in the Asterisk debug log. I have tried another softphone, no difference. If I call the queue directly, the voicemail kicks in fine. I believe I have isolated this issue to the IVR.
Not sure how I can move forward?

Thanks for your time and Kind Regards,




I have now resolved this. It turns out that there is A setting within a given extension’s settings which must be turned off in order for the voicemail to kick in when a call is transferred from the IVR.

This is the Call Screening feature - it is sad that it can’t be used as well (a nice feature) but there we go.