IVR Fu? Issues transferring in and out of IVR

Running FreePBX v16.0.19. I am currently working on a new IVR. One of the caller options will redirect the caller out to a separate external Twilio IVR I’ve created. That one performs various API requests to read information back to the caller. That all works fine and dandy. I created a FreePBX Ring Group that only has the external Twilio DID number that is associated with the Twilio IVR.

Where I am running into trouble is I offer the caller an option if they would like additional assistance to remain on the line. So they are transferred back into a FreePBX Ring Group that’s associated with an inbound route DID. The call immediately disconnects, and I don’t see that final drop in the Twilio logs. Previously I had to change the external caller ID so that the originating caller’s ID wasn’t passed along. Since Twilio saw that as being sketchy, so I hard-coded the external caller ID to be the DID number that the FreePBX IVR is associated with.

Will pull the FreePBX logs and paste snippets on here in a few. Anyone offer any insight as to this?

Here’s a link to the log snippet → IVR Fu - Pastebin.com. :grinning:

I think it might be more on the Twilio end. When I directly call the DID number associated with the Twilio IVR, the final “connect call” step to my FreePBX ring group’s DID doesn’t complete. At least narrowing things down!

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