Ivr extension to goto voicemailmain

I’m trying to find out how to create an extension for voicemail on a ivr

i can do this in the config via
exten => _#2XX,1,voicemailmain(${EXTEN:1})

but i dont not see this sort of option in the ivr anywhere…
how can i do this from the ivr via the gui as everything anything is listed their is overwriten once saved?


Are you trying to send the IVR to voicemail of one of your existing extensions or to its own extension?


im trying to have an extenion in the ivr say #200 to goto voicemailmain(200) from the main ivr.

Its really easy in the IVR, under IVR Entries (at the bottom) under Ext choose the digit you want the user to input.

Then under Destination choose Voicemail (right at the bottom of the list) and select the extension who’s voicemail box you want the messages sent to, choose busy or unavailable

If you don’t want it to go to a specific actual user extension, you can create a virtual extension to use instead.


in my case im not trying to send a user to record a voicemail im trying to allow extension from the outside listen to their particular voice-mail box i know about *98 but they do not want to have to enter their extension again.

Ok easy, under Applications setup a Misc Destination

Give it a name

input *98200

200 was the extension you gave earlier

Send the IVR result to the Misc Destination

Now when the IVR is triggered, the user will be asked for a pin


Could they not just call themselves and press * when they hear their greeting?

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@dicko, yep that work too lol, i always do things the hard way!!

Thanks for the information i will relay that to them and see what happens.