IVR extension doesn´t work

I have configured a simple IVR on FreePBX for incoming calls with the following message “Dial the extension you want to talk to or press 0 to talk to the operator”. The operator has the 304 extension. She is in a ringing group (“601”), with 303 and 301 extensions to help her. I have also created a regular extension “300”, never registrated, so when you reach extension “300” calls are routed to the IVR. I have a Grandstream model GXW 4108, which FXO lines are unconditionally forwarded to “300” extension of the FreePBX (version

When I call the “300” extension from any other extension, the IVR works perfectly, I hear the message, I can dial any extension and it rings or “0” for the operator, BUT when I call from outside (PSTN), it rings twice, connects but a silence is all I can hear and it does´t work.

If I point the gateway to “304” extension (operator), she can answer perfectly.

Can anyone help me? I ve been working desperately several days on this. Thanks!!!

I think you’ve set up your Grandstream FXO wrong.

The FXO shouldn’t forward to an extension. It should be setup as a Trunk using the trunks module. The DID configured in the FXO module should be set as an inbound route and it should set the IVR as its destination.

I posted instructions for the GXW FXO’s here:


Thanks AdHominem!

I have already solved the initial problem. Now the IVR is working to dial extensions as required but the messages are not played so I think the recordings are missed. I changed the language voices to Spanish and the Asterisk plays all fine. I can upload new recordings (WAV 8000 kHz, mono) but when you ask them to be played they are not located, can t record them either from my Grandstream GPX2000 extensions because the *77 featured code to record new recordings don t work. How could I resolve all this? The main problem is the messages to be played on the IVR instead of silence.

Hi OfficerTOM
I setup a virtual extension 100 and forwarded it to IVR that playing “please enter your extension number” and then caller should dial the desired extension number, and the dialed extension rings and call will establish if the called party pick the call. but the problem is, after playing IVR and dialing the desired extension number, caller not hearing ringback tone while the dialed extesion is ringing.

any advise?
I use FreePBX 2.9