IVR EXT Question

PBX Firmware: 5.211.65-2
PBX Service Pack:

With my original freepbx server I set:
Ext= 2 Voicemail Destination= <6100> my name (busy)

Now with the newer freepbx the IVR does not recognize the number 2 as a valid response. I can dial the extension directly and it will ring the phone, but I cannot get the menu to allow me to press 2 and have it go to my voicemail.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

I find I can dial the extension to the phone I would like to have ring from the IVR menu.

I cannot press “2” and have the IVR transfer me to the phone.

Do I need to enable something?

The IVR works fine. I was making a mistake. thanks!