IVR EXT not working

I am trying to add a ext to a IVR I.E. Press one to reach xxx, press 2 to reach xxx and so forth
I have 4 options all working fine putting toward queues but I want to add a 5th press 9 and it will redirect to a different IVR.

after adding the options with the correct IVR I call to test click 9 and the announcement just replays.

I’m hoping that you pointed the options to extensions > extension number correct? Have you enabled the Direct Dial feature on the IVR? If you have, did you add those extensions into a directory and then add the directory to the IVR? If you haven’t I think you should simply set that option (Direct Dial that is) to Extensions and see if it works then.

When I’m testing an IVR, I like to log into the server with SSH and watch the log file using “tail -F /var/log/asterisk/full”. That way, you can see exactly what’s happening as it happens.

As far as why “dial 9” wouldn’t work, I can’t say, but it sounds like you’re doing the right thing.

this is what my logs are saying

Invalid extension ‘9’ in context ‘ivr-5’

Make sure your destination is set to IVR instead of extension in the IVR Entries box on the bottom of the IVR.