IVR errors - Bad Dest: gotoinvalid

I have not been able to setup an IVR system. I keep getting an error. I installed Annoucements and IVR. Created a default greeting. I also cannot add more than one extension at the bottom. I click the plus sign and it does nothing.


submit and errors

I just installed AsteriskNow and have this same EXACT problem…

We just fixed this today. Expect to see the change pushed out soon.

Thanks. for pushing out a fix so quick! I was messing around for a few hours on this bug already. :frowning:

Is this a 32bit bug ? I had the same exact 64bit ISO working and then installed the 32bit version on an old Dell. I hit this problem instantly. Fiddled for quite a while thinking I must be doing something wrong. :slight_smile: Glad its not just me !

I am new to FreePBX but have used other ISO distros like TrixBox and AsteriskNow among others. Why have an ISO that is not at a “point in time” ? I just wonder how maintenance is done? It would seem that even downloading an older ISO I still get this problem. I presume it has to do with getting updates during the initial installation? I did not see any doc on how that works in the Wiki or other links on this site. So maybe someone out here that knows the how/why this is done the way it is could help me understand ?

I knew it wouldn’t take very long…this is kinda major. I hope you will post here when the fix is available. We are at somewhat of a standstill at the moment…

I don’t use the FreePBX distro, but for ISOs that I have used, FreePBX itself (the PHP stuff) can constantly get updated through its own update mechanisms while the base OS and Asterisk install stays the same. I wouldn’t be surprised if the FreePBX distro included a module update at install.

The bug you saw, if it’s the one I’m thinking of, was in FreePBX 2.11 which is still release candidate stage, getting updated every few days in preparation for release. 2.10 is the current stable release, with 2.9 still getting security updates I believe.

Thanks for the feedback on how the release go. I did install 2.10 and all it fine there as it should be for a stable release. :slight_smile: I did not realize that 2.11 was still in RC mode.

RC will be changing VERY soon. And as of this bug…it was address and is now working.