ıvr ends after 2 loops

I wanna ıvr goes to extension after 2 loops but not. it ends. thank you for your help…

Create an option with i instead of digits. i means invalid and the IVR will use this option if no valid option is pressed. It may or may not loop depending on if you have “Loop before i dest” enabled.

I did but it doesnt work … can you give me an example for solution. "loop

before i dest" and “loop before t dest” are selected .(enabled)

IVR terminates incoming call after 2 loops.

an example with solution.

You probably should read this. The options you are looking for are under the heading “Configuring your IVR”


When asking for help it is important that you give information on how you installed the system (if from a Distro the distro name and version, if from scratch the OS Version, Asterisk Version and FreePBX version).

If you used the FreePBX distro make sure you note if you have kept it updated.