IVR "Enable Direct Dial" to other FreePBX machine


I’ve two FreePBX interconnected with IAX2 trunk. I have one with an E1 line that is in use by the two machines to route out the calls. This E1 alse enroute to an IVR all incoming calls. I want that this IVR lets users to direct dial any extension. It works fine with the machine that have the E1 connected but no with the other one.

Any idea how to make this work?


What is the context of the calls coming over on the IAX2 trunk? Make it from-internal, so that when the calls are transfered from the other system it thinks they are a part of the internal calls on the setup.

Yes, they are from-internal calls. But I think that the FreePBX with the IVR doesn’t try to call to the other FreePBX.

Check your dailplan / routing
Log files help