IVR - Edit Extension programatically

I am new to working with FreePBX, I have looked and cannot find the answer -
I am running version

Menu to get to what I want.
Freepbx web site / Admin / IVR / Open / Queues

In here I have an extension that I change the associated number to on a weekly basis. This is used by my helpdesk to give to clients so they ring into a different queue than they normally do. (I filter incomming calls and unknown numbers are forced to leave a voicemail, I use this to allow individuals to bypass this and actually ring a phone).

I currently manually change this extension on a weekly/daily basis then apply the changes and on we go.

I want to do this programatically if possible.

I assume I can just edit the appropriate conf file and save it then issue the following command to apply it
amportal a r

I need to know if this is the best way to do this, or if there is a better way.
Also what conf file would I edit to edit the IVR?

Thanks in advance.

So…what do you edit, the whitelist of known numbers?

I would make an IVR the destination of a DID, and that IVR has them enter a PIN (you create option 260042, for example, in the IVR and have it direct to ring group ‘helpdesk’). That way you don’t need to ever update anything after you update your clients with this new information.

If you want to get fancy you could give them a unique DID that sets the CID to the company/user-phone#…for example, say 760-555-1234 is Overkill’s line, and you could make the CID say “OVK-8585551234” when this number is dialed.

My opinion is that you’re overthinking this, something I am very good at doing myself :smiley:

It may be overthought but this is what we currently do:

The way I handle my incomming calls is as follows.
I have impliemented Phonebook Priority, and in this I have 3 priorities.
These correspond to my contract specifications:
‘Standard’ - these calls only go to voicemail and do ring phones.
‘Remote’ - These do ring phones directly and are our 2nd Priority calls to answer
’Full’ - These ring with a special ring and are the highest Priority.
Indirectly there is a 4th group and that is any unknown number, this is handled as a ‘Standard’ call and is forced to leave a Voicemail.

The above will not change.

The problem I am trying to solve is this:
I am working with a ‘Standard’ Client and I need them to call me back.
If they just call the phone will not ring and they will have to leave a Voicemail and someone will have to act on that voicemail and then I will call them back. Waste of time.
If I give them my direct extension they tend to abuse it and always use that extension when they call, because they want to talk directly to someone, but they do not pay for that right, and effectively are getting a higher level of service then they paid for.

My solution has been to create an entry in IVR, and give it an extension, that extension then is directed to the ‘Full’ queue and will then ring.

This is working perfectly but I wanted to have this extension changed on a regular basis and not have to do it manually as I do now. I want to change it so that it cannot be abused (it has been in the past), and it still is usable by my Helpdesk Staff.

Have you looked at pins