IVR - DTMF tones are not passing from mobile phones

Hello everyone. I am trying to configure an IVR in freepbx but i have the following problem. Using a landline the DTMF tones are intrerpreted correctly by the IVR but from a mobile phone nothing happens. I am pretty sure that it has something to do with the codecs. I am using ulaw codec only. Any ideas will be appreciated.



Why don’t you share some more information about your system? What kind of trunk do you have? (PRI, analog, SIP, etc) I’m going to assume you are using some version of FreePBX. What are your settings for DTMF signaling? (Advanced Settings/Device Settings/SIP DTMF Signaling).

I seem to have the best luck with rfc2833.


Jay thanks in advance for your initial response.
The details of the box are:

FreePBX 14.01

1 VOIP trunk PSTN line (registered - working perfectly)

I use rfc2833 the DTMF signalling. It is weird since that calling from a landline the IVR works perfectly but calling from any mobile phone the DTMF are not passing to the IVR.

Any ideas?

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