IVR doesn't work

Hi dear all,

I setup the IVR function, but when i call the extension(turn on the FOLLOW ME switch already), the Zoiper5 is ring, but no IVR played.

Could you tell me how to debug?

here’s some info about my app:

Would you explain how the extension is dialed? Is it by selecting an option or direct dialing?
Post an screenshot of your current IVR config maybe.

Thanks for you reply, i call from one extension to another extension, then i can’t hear the IVR

Know I understand the call flow even less. Will need to understand what the call flow is. If you dial ext to ext I wouldn’t expect any IVR, unless you dial the IVR’s extension number.
Need more info.

Now i know i can’t use it in this way(call from one extension to another, thanks so much )

If you want to direct dial an ivr from a local extension, you want a Misc Application.

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