IVR does not access Directory

I have a working IVR but it does not connect to a Directory - using # or any other character. Extensions do work correctly from IVR.

Using FreePBX v.2.10 and ASterisk 1.8

Any suggestions?

Im not sure about the #, why are you using that in the IVR?

Normally, what i would do is enabled IVR direct dial feature

I want an option on the IVR to allow the user to press pound to go to dial by name.

Is that the Directory feature?

Right now I have the IVR allow entering individual extensions and then using # to select Directory.

Thanks for help

Hi …

Yes you can, the easiest way, use DISA.

In the # selection, select DISA. This will give the user an offhook tone where they can simply dial an extension.

###IMPORTANT###: Change the DISA context to ext-local, i believe the default is from-internal

Dont use from-internal bcs it gives capability to outdial (same capability as an internal extension_

I’m sorry but I may not be making my request clear.

What I am looking for is the function to allow a user to enter the first n characters of the name of the person they want to reach. I assumed that was the Directory function. I am not certain but is seems the DISA is a way to allow users to enter an extension if they know what it is rather than have it looked up for them with name directory.



yes thats the directory / phonebook directory function which you can invoke in the IVR with your # key