IVR distribution

Customer has an afterhours ivr. Press 1 for on-call mobile and press 2 to leave a voicemail. This works fine but when they press 1 to dial the on-call mobile phone the call is directed out the wrong trunk. How do a force an ivr to use the same outbound route or trunk?

You don’t. How ever you are sending the call back out to the PSTN (via an extensions FollowMe, etc) will push the call through your Outbound Routes and if it matches, it will use the trunk assigned to that Outbound Route.

So if the Outbound Route it is matching against is using the wrong trunk, you may want to look at out to make these match on a route that uses the proper trunk.

Thanks Tom, I was surprised that the IVR didn’t have an outbound route choice. I just ended up setting up a virtual extension that is permanently diverted to an external mobile number. I did it this way as you can lock the extension to the trunk.

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