IVR DISA restrict or whitelist to only allow usage by a few phone numbers

I’m using Elastix 2 FreePBX with the VoicePulse module
I’m using VoicePulse for my SIP trunk

In FreePBX:

I’ve set up a DISA with the default values such as context from-internal

I’ve added the DISA to an IVR and it works as expected. From my cell phone I’m able to dial the main number and choose the IVR number for the DISA and dial extensions or dial out as if calling from inside the office.

The purpose of this DISA is to allow two people to dial from their cell phones into our Asterisk system and make international calls from there since they’re cheaper.

I have a PIN/password on the DISA and a password on the outbound route with the dial pattern for international calls. I want to make this more secure than just those passwords if that’s possible. I’m new to using Asterisk and I’m not sure what my options are. One thing I’d like to try is making it so that only 2 cell phone numbers are allowed to use this DISA. How would I do that? Are there easy ways to make this more secure?

Use the inbound routes module. Make two versions of IVR one with and one without DISA option. Use CID routes to allow selected users to access DISA IVR.

Thanks! This option of using inbound routes the way you described was extremely easy and exactly what I was looking around for. I see that I have the option of routing a specific CID directly to DISA or to a second IVR with DISA option.

Both the DISA and the outbound route for international calls have unique PIN/passwords so this seems relatively secure with a few layers of security.

One thing I didn’t know until now was that some IVR options will not appear to be possible or available until after I’ve configured them. For instance I didn’t see any DISA options in IVR until AFTER I configured a DISA. As soon as I configured a DISA all of a sudden the interface displayed a DISA option.

All of the modules only display the option if a valid destination exists. The drop boxes are populated from the destinations the modules construct.