IVR Directory: Invalid directory entry disconnects

When testing our IVR’s dial-by-name, a not-found search string drops the caller back to the IVR or disconnects.

I tried searching but I may not be using the right search terms.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Call in and access the Dial-By-Name directory (Phonebook module
  2. At the Dial-By-Name search prompt, enter enter an unknown name string (2-2-2 does not match anyone in the directory).
  3. Alison tells us how sorry she is: “I’m sorry, there’s no entry matching the keys you have entered.”
  4. Again, Alison tells us she’s sorry (same message)
  5. Alison says “Sorry you are having problems. We are now transfering you out of the company directory. Please hold on for assistance.”

After that, the call is returned to the IVR.

After entering an incorrect (unfound) dial string, the directory shall request either a new search string or allow exit to the IVR.

Thank you.