IVR. Directdial to other PBX that is connected via IAX

I have 3 PBX’s connected via IAX(trough VPN).
Site-1 extensions 11xx. site-2 extensions 12xx. site-3 extensions 13xx
extension-to-extension dialing between the 3 pbx’s works fine.

All have separate incoming PSTN lines and have IVR on these incoming lines.
IVR setup has “enable direct dial” ENABLED.

External callers can dial anyone’s entension in the PBX they called into. But they cannot dial an extension on another PBX.(the IVR responds: We have not received a valid response)

How do I get this to work?

One way: Virtual extensions that “mimic” the extensions you want to dial (add dial strings to the other servers).

Another way is to look at the context that the IVR lives in and add information in that context that makes the 11xx and 12xx extensions visible.

Allow the IVR to direct dial from a directory, then populate the directory with the remote extensions.

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