IVR digits vs. extensions

Hi Group, have a quick question.

We have an IVR that allows a user to press 1, 2, or 3 for various department queues.

We also have extensions in the 1XX range.

I created a ring group the other day in the 2XX range and for the heck of it I decided to try it from an outside line. I wanted to make sure an outside user could not dial the 2XX group. And they cannot so that is good.

But what I did notice is that since there are no extensions in the 2XX range, what asterisk did when I typed in 2XX is simply move the call to a queue represented by digit 2. It interpreted my entry as just 2.

Do I have this mis-configured or is this just the expected behavior?


If you have “direct dial” enabled, then it will wait for “timeout” for a valid “extension” (I don’t believe by default RingGroups or other non extension endpoints count as extensions) , so I believe that all you experience is “expected behavior”

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