IVR dialing outbound

I have IVR setup to answer incoming call and direct dial any extension on freepbx works fine, I would like to be able to also dial an outbound extension the same as an existing sip extension on the freepbx system.

What’s an outbound extension?

I have outbound set to use a trunk, the outbound detects for instance 48 dialed by any extension on the pbx and directs the call through a trunk, at the end of a trunk I have AllStar Hamvoip running on a raspberry Pi and it will except the incoming call and connect the user to the repeater.
The IVR i have setup users out on planet earth coming in on hamshack hotline get my IVR announcement and can dial any extension I have setup on the pbx, except the outbound dialed numbers, there isn’t a choice in the IVR to use outbound so I was hoping someone here might be able to help.


I found your suggestion earlier today and I don’t have the Misc Destinations Module, which maybe I should go to dashboard and see if i can download it.

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found it, downloading now, will update soon.

ok i download Misc Destinations Module and entered 48 and when i call in on the IRV line and dial 48, i get a recording, “we have not received a valid response”

Logs, we always need logs.

so no one has ever came aboard with this problem, well I will keep at it and not bother anyone here.
I should be using Misc Applications from what I just read in the Misc Destinations when it didn’t work.
So back to the drawing board, i don’t want to spend all day with logs and filling up this nice forum with my little playtime problem.

You will need to create an IVR entry that goes to the Misc Destination. A MIsc Application is not directly dialable as an extension from an IVR.

Sorry for the temper, it’s called “Senior Privilege”, I been at it too long, as always it takes for ever to find the problem and so little effort to fix it, I configured Misc Destinations, and went back to IVR and added 48 and it is working like a dream.
Thanks and I will check in more often, never know I might be able to help someone.

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