IVR, dial extension not working

How can I set an extension to go to a mobile phone? I have it working when you hit an option number, then it hits the misc number but I wasn’t sure how I would make it so when you dial an extension to go to a mobile phone? This user does not have a physical phone or softphone.

create a virtual extension and put the cell phone number in the findme/followme. don’t forget to add the # at the end of the number

I did that but it just rings busy or acts as if that extension doesn’t exist

try forcing your main number in your outbound trunk.

and then look at the asterisk/full log - you should see the call trying to ring the extension and you should see the attempt to call out. it will show you what number was sent to your provider and what the response was.

it works on my other phones. This line is just a cell phone.

i don’t know what you mean it works on your other phones.