IVR child returns to parent unexpectedly

Hi All

I have a 2 level nested IVR setup. IVR1 has the following options

  1. Go to Informational IVR2
  2. Forward to extension 1001
  3. Forward to extension 1002

IVR2 has the following options

  1. Announcement 1
  2. Announcement 2
  3. Announcement 3

No matter what option I select in IVR2 it always goes directly back to IVR1 without ever playing the announcements.

I am not sure what I am missing here. Has anyone else seen this before?

If you log into your system and start the Asterisk console you can view the debug output which might have information as to why this is happening. Post that output here so we can assist along with your FreePBX version and how you installed FreePBX.