IVR changes will not submit and apply

Attempting to make changes to an existing IVR will not submit, by that I mean the Apply Changes icon does not appear after I press the Submit icon after making a change in the IVR from 1 miscellaneous destination to another miscellaneous destination. I did note that a ! triangle appears above the digits pressed box that says “test” when floating the cursor over it and the cursor appears in the digits pressed box.

This worked a month ago last time attempted before several updates occurred during February. Other changes attempted in other modules so far seem to Submit and Apply correctly.

Tthis system is up to date.

10.13.66-9 PBX firmware

13.0.17 IVR module

IVR module update this morning to 13.0.18, reading the changelog did not expect behavior to change and it did not.

I figured out a way around the issue.

When making a change to the IVR dialing option, you need to add a new IVR dialing option, I used 8 (since it is not announced) set to terminate call - hang up, the changes would submit and allow me to Apply.