IVR causes one-way audio and ignores DTMF

Weird problem. All was well 2 months ago. Only noticed the problem one month ago when one department of our business experienced increased call volumes. I have kept FreePBX up-to-date each time new module released.

If IVR is not utilised on an Inbound Route then phone call audio is fine.

If IVR is added to an Inbound Route, then caller can hear IVR message but incoming DTMF tones are ignored. When call is finally connected (via IVR timeout option), the caller can hear us but we cannot hear them.

Remove IVR from the Inbound Route (e.g. pass call directly to a Call Group instead) and call audio is fine.

I have contacted Sipgate.co.uk, our SIP provider, and they claim not to have made any changes. In any case, even if you ignore the DTMF proble, IVR is still mis-behaving… it causes one-way audio on calls!

In trying to debug this fault I have upgraded FreePBX to plus latest modules. Still experiencing the problem. We have had to disable IVR functionality.

Trixbox is CE v1.0.0.28 (Asterisk is v1.2.22).

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

I’m having the exact same problem but with zap channels and a Rhino card. No inbound audio and no dtmf recognition. SIP trunk calls are okay. And this only happened after upgrade to FreePBX 2.5.x.