I am running version 2.1.1 of FreePBX if I route the incoming calls to the IVR the caller just hears ringing but asterisk shows it is playing the appropriate system recording.

If I change the inbound route to go directly to an extension it all works fine.

I upgraded to 2.2.0beta1 to see whether that fixes the problem and while there appears to be a new feature called Signal Ringing on the Inbound Routes tab to address this, enabling it does not fix the problem.
(Signal RINGING: Some devices or providers require RINGING to be sent before ANSWER. You’ll notice this happening if you can send calls directly to a phone, but if you send it to an IVR, it won’t connect the call.)

Experimenting I also discovered that this same behaviour also applies to queues.

This is a clean install of CentOS 4.3 (2.6.9-42.0.2.ELsmp) with the latest updates via yum then a manual install of zaptel 1.2.8 (using make linux26), libpri 1.2.3, asterisk 1.2.11, asterisk addons 1.2.4 and asterisk sounds 1.2.1 followed by the manual install of FreePBX 2.1.1

I would really appreciate any help on this as I am trying to replace my existing Asterisk box with this new one.

I have rebuilt a system from scratch using the latest version of trixbox and this problem still persits.
I don’t know whether this is something odd related to the UK but this occurs on the default incoming route with all calls unless the incoming route is directly to an extension. IVR, Queues, Time Conditions and Ring Groups all cause this scenario BUT dialling 7777 from an internal extension works as expected. I can only guess that this is related in some way to CallerID which is handled differntly in the UK.

I have logged this as a bug and would really like to see this fixed. :cry:

not a bug

once more READ READ READ uk signal is not the same…

Thanks Bubba,

I have already changed the settings zaptel and indications.conf to the UK ones.

I am suggesting that there may be a bug which is only present when these UK specific setting have been defined (or possibly they are not being read for some reason)

I’m having a similar problem with a fresh install of Trixbox 1.2 iso, no updates. When you call from an outside sip line you get a quick busy or a ring once and then busy recording, but the Asterisk -rvvvv says it has found the extension and is going thru the normal routines. But make the all/any inbound route goto a specific extension not the time condition or IVR and it will ring the extension and still tell the caller it is busy.