IVR Broken after upgrade - View::destinationUsage()

After upgrading the IVR to the latest ( (freepbx 13 distro) I get the error shown in the screenshot when going to edit a existing IVR, however it does seem that creating new IVR’s work.

I downgraded the module back to after that and can edit existing IVR’s again.

Also, one other issue with the IVR. When using the “Return to IVR after VM”, when reaching voicemail the voicemail will allow the caller to leave a voicemail and after select the option to accept the message the system sends the call back to the same extensions voicemail, or plays “An error has occurred”, If the voicemail is reached a second time and another voicemail is left (during this same call), then the call is properly returned to the IVR. I can get some log files on this but not sure if I need to open a separate thread on it or not since it looks like this is two separate issues.

Sorry, stupid mistake - I needed to update the framework module as well. IVR module works now on latest version.:dizzy_face:

Going back to IVR still does not work though.