IVR break menu, timeout recording is not been triggered

Hi everyone,
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I have a queue configured using a IVR Break Out Menu. After 15 sec waiting in the queue, IVR Break out menu is triggered and announcement is played, but after the timeout = 10 sec set in the IVR Break Out Menu had passed, it should played the Timeout recording, instead it’s playing the hold music and announcement over and over again.

If I called the IVR Break Out Menu directly (not queue involve) everything works as expected. After a timeout =10 sec has passed, Timeout recording is played as a second announcement.

Call flow is as follow:
Main IVR-> Option 1-> Queue 500 (after 30 sec)–> IVR Break out Menu (Play announcement) --> (After 15 sec) play Timeout recording.

The idea is to play two announcement: IVR Break out menu announcement + Timeout recording.

Any ideas is appreciated

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