IVR Announcement


I am as new as they come to TrixBox/FreePBX/Asteriks and to say this is somewhat confusing is an understatement LOL. From what I am able to gather the company I am working for is using a somewhat older version of these items TrixBox version 2.6 and FreePBX/Asteriks 2.9.

What I have been tasked to do I am not even sure can be done at this point. They currently have everything up and running and all is well. However they have a small group of folks that are “on-call” and they have an IVR setup called Pager, within this, there is a drop-down called announcements that every morning depending on whom is on-call they select one of these options and update the system.

Now, what they are wanting is to automatically update this dropdown depending on a calendar…apparently this has been tried before(im not even sure how) however it did not work.

Now my question, is where is this dropdown information stored? is it within the a conf file somewhere, MySQL, or other? a lot of the code I have been reviewing talks about updating the dialplan, but I am not sure I need to do that…err maybe I do LOL,

I would like to thank everyone that has taken the time to read this, and perhaps might be able to help shed a little light on the subject.