IVR Announcement is cut off

I recently noticed that my IVR announcements are being cut off occasionally. Is there an option to add a delay?




Hi Jens,

I have been over all of the FreePBX options and put them in a single searchable document. I have also been searching the forums for problems and solutions for said document, which is why I subscribed to your post.

So since you have not received any advice. I will give you a bit.

Try going to the Linux prompt and use the command:

   tail --lines=500 /var/log/asterisk/full 

This display the last 500 lines of the log. And it will append to the log as errors occur. That may give you a clue.

If you have to post again, put enough information to help troubleshoot.

When does this occur?

How busy is the CPU when it occurs?

How often does it occur?

When you post a question or problem in a forum, you should include:
 A short paragraph about the problem you are having.
 A copy of the output of the Linux status command. This will help those in the know a lot and it will go a long way to narrowing down your particular version. It provides:
PBX in a Flash Version 1.3
Operating system (CentOS release 5.2)
Asterisk Version
 FreePBX Core Version (from Module Administration)
 What processor/motherboard/amount of ram:
CPU & Companion Chips VIA C7 1.5GHz + CN700
 Have you run update-scripts, update-fixes, and update-source?
 Relevant logs only! Don’t post full logs into the forum! Post only snippets of long log files. If there is not enough info people will make some suggestions.