IVR and extentions at different PBX


I recently upgraded my FreePBX in two separate locations from version 2.5 to 2.8.

Both PBXs got outbound route and trunk configured to use dialing pattern from each other extensions list i.e:

location1: Extensions from 700 to 799 and route to location2 to with pattern 8XX
location2: Extensions from 800 to 899 and route to location1 to with pattern 7XX

Now… When someone is calling from office to office for example person 719 is calling person 888 everything is working fine. But when someone is calling from outside he connects our IVR tree (same in both locations) and at the end he is asked to dial an extension.

Before upgrade he could dial extensions from both locations but now when he dial an extension from other location than the IVR he is currently using there is error message that the are no extensions available.

Everything was working fine before upgrade. I checked the IVR tree and it is configured as follows:

Enable Direct Dial -> Checked

  • Terminate Call Hangup
    0 Ring Groups "Front Desk"
    t Trunks “InterOffice” <- trunk that connects both locations

I would appreciate any help

Best Regards
Grzegorz Osiński

This was not possible without customization on 2.5 so you would have to determine what you were doing then to enable it.

However, the ‘best’ solution that I would suggest to control this would be to make a Company Directory with the new Company Directory module and make custom Directory entries on each PBX that will allow you to direct dial between the PBXs.

The Company Directory will allow you to map director dial numbers to IVRs so will give you that benefit, plus, if you use a Company Directory option in the IVR you will get that as well.