Ivr and bandwidth

i have a trunk with the sipstation in my pbx and a work find but my ivr does not work with it
but i have a google voice trunk and when i dial that DID it work great
please help
i was in Cleveland with you guys it was a bit hard trying to get started

You need to provide complete information. You are not telling us enough to help you.

Is the DID hitting the box?
Can your route the same DID to a different destination?
What type of install are you running?

yes the DID is hitting the box and the ivr is on but when selecting option on the ivr nothing happening
yes i can route the DID to a extention or to a trunk or disa

i will try to explain you what happening

i got a trunk and 2 DID from the sipstation
wok great
my DID are 412 530 xxxx
when i dial from a land line the sipstation DID the ivr on my box pick up
but cant select option (1 or 2 or 3)doesn’t work
when i call my gvoice DID it go to the same box the ivr pick up and the option work find
thank you to get back to me so quick
really appreciate the work u guys do

You must set your DTMF field correctly in the trunk to match the provider.

but i did not setup the trunk the sipstation module did it automatically
and give me this
i read online forum to change it to dtmfmode=inband dtmfmode=auto but did not work

i find out i cant hear but they can hear me them anything on that
what could be please help thank you

You have NAT setup incorrectly.

if i put my outbound route strait to the extension work great but if i go thru ivr then press 1 for the extension i cant hear them but they hear me find
do i change the nat on my extension to yes or no or do i add to the peer in my trunk nat=yes or nat=no
and again thank you so much for your help i really appreciate

i have my first Customer next week i need to figure it out i cant sale this product if the ivr doesn’t work properly how do i change my NAT and where do I do it
please your help will be greatly appreciate

First of all this is not a product, you can’t sell it, it’s Open Source.

What you sell is your services and expertise, since you clearly have neither I don’t think you are ready to install systems for someone else.

To answer your question (and is covered in innumerable documentation) is NAT is configured in the SIP settings module.