IVR and automated speach is broken and / or slow

Hello All…

Forgive me if this is in the wrong place but here goes.

We have an IVR and when you dial the number from inside the place where the server is or from outside (say on a cell phone) the speach of the ivr (me speakeing) is slow and broken.

If you dial 123 internally this is also the same.

BUT… When you are on a person to person call, the call is perfect regardless of where the call is placed.

I am NOT great with Linux so forgive me in advance!

Ask me not which version we are on, I can tell you that it went from Blue to Green!

can someone advise please? This is soooo embarasing when people call us.

Remeber i’ll need simple step by step steps please…


Can you explain " I can tell you that it went from Blue to Green!"

LOL - Yes, The GUI was once blue and now (well about a year ago) during an update it went to green. I have no clue on the version though!

Post a screenshot of any page of the GUI

Green bar!! (was blue) not that that this matters lol

Not quite a screen shot :slight_smile: , look at the bottom of that page for your ‘version’

I knew that… I’m having a bad day!

I can tell you that it’s version now that you’ve pointed this out

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Now we need to know what sort of machine FreePBX is installed on and how it was installed, also what version of Asterisk are you using and how you are connected to the internet.

The machine is a HP Microserver with 8GB Ram, not sure how to tell you the Asterisk version but can tell you that the machine is behind a firewall with all needed ports opened to the Freepbx IP. For ref, the router is a Ubiquiti Edgrouter. The machine was installed in May 2019 by a friends company who are not around anymore. I was a distro install from a USB pen from memory if that helps.

This quality issue has only recently started (last 3 or so months)

Hope this helps?

from a shell

asterisk -V


So, everything so far should be kosher, Lets now get a log of a ‘bad call’ to


As @dicko said. Also, post a screenshot of
with the system idle.



Tell us about your Music on hold classes. Do you have any ‘streaming’ classes

Yeah, Just looking at those now as they are old and I not sure if they even work anymore

I would start off by deleting/disable-ing them, they are confusing your logs.

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Just doing that now - WOuld this have an impact?

We will see :slight_smile: , as you asked for, one simple step at a time.