IVR 55 Option limit

Hello Everyone,

I need help with the IVR Module.

After creating 55 Options on the IVR, I am unable to create more options. I can delete and readd options but once the options get to 55, I am unable to add more. Does anyone know how to increase the option limits on the IVR module?

Restarted server a few times, check config files but unable to find how to fix.


Most likely this is a javascript limitation. If you are using chrome or firefox you can run the console and then try to add the 56th item and then post the error messages here.

May I ask what the use case is for that many IVR entries? I just can’t imagine a scenario this is practical and user friendly for.

Hi tm1000,

Thank you for your reply, I am still a little new to Free PBX and wasn’t able to find any console or cli commands to add additional IVR’s. Can you point me to any resources? Do you know where the IVR config file location?


He is referring to the Java debug console on your PC, not the Asterisk console.

IVR’s are stored in a MySQL DB.

Hi SkykingOH,

Thanks for replying to my post.

Free PBX has a option to setup conference rooms. I setup and IVR to transfer calls to conference rooms via dial by extensions. For example, user calls main number, IVR give greeting, and ask for conference room number. User dials conference number (like 1000), then the IVR transfers to conference room set in the IVR.

At the time I wasn’t able to setup multiple conference rooms with one DID. The only way I could configure one DID link to multiple conference was with the IVR, plus the IVR has extra options.

Hope that gives you more information on what I am trying to accomplish.

Thanks for the help,

Have you seen the Web Meet Me package for Asterisk? This does not only what you want but many more features for large conference apps.

I took a look at Web Meet Me when I first started the conference system project and wasn’t able to get it working correctly. I had issues setting static conference rooms, the best I was able to get was dynamic conference rooms. I then searched different forums and users reported they were able to setup the conference system using IVR’s and it worked out great until I reached my 55 ivr option limit.

Hi SkyingOH,

I installed firefox and installed the extension firebug and still a little lost on the debugging with the console. Do you have more information that I can use to help me troubleshoot?